We Wait for YOU 11/29/14

Yes beloved, with great longing we have waited for Him, His presence. His overshadowing is and always been marked by an unmistakable entrance. Unfortunately, many of the Christian circles that I have traveled in recently consider an experience with Christ non-essential; or worse yet, it is considered a counterfeit from the enemy; a self induced, emotionally-hypnotic trance-like-state confirmed by goose bumps. Some call it self hypnosis. Or, if in a crowd, it is called mass hypnosis. Instead, to these, Christ is reduced to a verbal affirmation spoken in a quasi-guttural, semi-suburban dialect which sounds something like uh-huh or yeaaah. They essentially mean that one only needs to mentally ascended to a prescribed religious rhetoric and thereby be called Christian.

But, thank God, some are not deceived. For the believer who asks, seeks and knocks, nothing less his abiding presence will suffice. Only after we have tasted of Him do we know this to be true. With this in mind I am particularly moved by Ron’s posted song below, “We Wait For You.” What is even more exciting to me is that the waiting is almost over. In fact, have you noticed that when you pray now He answers immediately or at least much sooner than ever before.

So then, we stand on the edge of Kingdom Living, where time will no longer be the deciding factor of truth. Eliminate from your thinking the axiom “time tells all.” Instead, Jesus tells all. He is the Truth. What we now wait for is that we might be filled with ALL the fullness of God (Eph 3:19). He longs to fill us with Himself. I pray we are so moved to agree with His desire.