Crying out to God… 3/15/15

I’m crying out to God day and night. I’m drawn to Him like never before. Everybody in the world even knows we are entering into that hour. I am now constantly seeking fellowship with those “of like precious faith.” I’d be OK with a rapture but I’d rather be enraptured by Him, possessed by Him. “That you might be filled with all the Fullness…” If He’s in me and I’m in Him, it matters not if I abase or abound. Pre, Mid or Post: “Thou my inheritance now and always.” I don’t plan to die and go live WITH Him. No, No! “I shall know as I am known.” There’s no “with” about it. It’s Christ IN me the hope if glory. Keep the pearly gates. He is the pearl of great price. Forget the streets of gold. He is the treasure in earthen vessels and He is The Way. It’s not about me. It’s about Jesus, the lover of my soul. All glory to the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

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