The Dream – Heather Crandall 3/30/15

Heather, A dream:

Carelessly wandering a mountain top.  Humbly dressed and carrying a basket.  Making my way down the mountain side.  I come upon a deer who does not seem to move away as I draw near.  The dear is wounded.  As I get close I see unspeakable things.
I get on my knees and pray for her but it appears she is eating her own hoof and leg to sustain herself.  As I look at her entirely, her gut has been wrenched out and I realize her wounds (though unable to be mended) is the cause of her hunger. On all four with her- I sob, tears into the ground.

Brother Jerry, Interpretation:

It is a dream about the status of the reprobate church today.  There is no manna, no quail.  But they desire “strong meat that belongs to those of full age.”  And since there is none because they have not seen the hope of their calling, that is they are unaware that they are called to be conformed to the image of Christ, they become like cannibals, eating on their own members.  Gossiping, maligning, persecuting, they become gutless.  They have no inner strength.  Salvation preached to foreign nations is reduced to shoe boxes with gifts at Christmas time.  There is no “deer panting for water”, only the shell of what once could leap over hills and jump over walls, and now has developed a taste for blood, like vampires, or rodents that eat their young if no food is available.  

Peter and Jude write about them.  They know scriptures and their own doctrines but they do not know Him, otherwise they would seek to be filled, healed, and delivered.  They would seek to be broken by Him so as to be used in whatever capacity the Master has need of.  They would seek His Fire.  

There is a newly born and invincible remnant that leaves the barren church and goes into the wilderness and this Man-child Company is caught up to God and to His throne.  The beast, that was once a deer, is left to be trodden under foot for a time and times and half a time.  

Do not mourn endlessly for this beast but rejoice that God has called you to easily maneuver Mount Zion so that you can see the status of the Wilderness-Church and that you are not a part of it.  Though still dressed in sackcloth, that is not yet transfigured; and though you have a near empty basket, it is capable of feeding 5000 at a time.  

You cry for her not because of her wounds, but because of her lack of faith – a faith that enables you to have vision for the invisible.  Those tears that hit the ground are like the drops of blood that fell from His brow in Gethsemane.  And like Abel’s blood, it cries from the ground even after you have departed, making intercession for those who were without the heavenly vision.  You could not but help draw near because the love of the Father is in you to love all who name the name of Jesus.