Seeing HIM who is Unseen – 6/7/15

I am thankful for the many men and women of God that have discipled me in the Lord. Almost All have gone on to their reward. They were not televangelists but rather were those who stood outside of the limelight…for they stood in another light. They were those who had seen Him who is invisible.

Decades ago they saw the great falling away and warned of such. But they also experienced a foretaste of the great rains of God…rains that are yet to come! They could not help but speak of that which had touched them; the finger of God impregnated them with vision. Vision beyond their day and beyond the forms and rituals of a church that had denied the power of Christ indwelling His body. They became living testimonies of the Living Christ! Where ever they went living truth was imparted.

Today, we have traded a crucified life for a self-satisfied life. We want degreed clergy who know how to tickle our ears rather than the man/woman of God who has travailed in agony that Christ be formed in us. Professional “Christianity” in all its many forms can never take the place of the true

Bride of Christ, who has, like those mentioned above, tasted of the powers of the age to come, have seen Him who is invisible and have been wrecked for anything less than His manifest presence and glory. God will always have a witness (one who demonstrates who Christ truly is) in the Earth. And even in the midst of gross darkness, the Lord is yet arising upon His remnant Bride. His glory shall be seen upon her and kings shall arise to the brightness of His rising within her.

Where are today’s visionaries? Where are those pioneers of the Heavenly way who are not afraid to stand-out as the true testimony of Jesus… in the midst of apostacy and gross darkness and let God arise? -from West Africa