Warning – Great Deception 9/6/15


If you have a heart that desires His will in your life you are probably receiving a continual feed of messages from multiple sources instructing you to become politically or financially minded rather than focused on our Lord Jesus by His Spirit. These messages are from Satan. The purpose is to instill you with a spirit of fear. You may be hearing that you are not ready for the “Rapture” or for “End Time Events.” Or you may be hearing that if you do not store up provisions, you and you family will be destroyed in the coming judgment. Resist this temptation to accept this spirit from the enemy.

Instead remain focused on Jesus. Rededicate your life to Him NOW. Rejoice in the GOOD NEWS! Beloved, God has made provision for you! He has sent His Spirit to COMFORT YOU, GUIDE YOU IN ALL TRUTH, AND PROTECT YOU. And as you PRAY IN THE SPIRIT… 1) study His Word, 2) worship with those of like precious faith and 3) share the wealth of His love with all sent to you by Christ. Enter into the REST of your God and be filled with the Spirit of Christ.

Be blessed in Jesus Holy name,
Bro Jerry Turk

This classic song was recorded on the album “Overtaken” at the Christ For The Nations Worship annual Live Recording in Dallas, TX.