What’s Going On? 9/7/15

Jerry Turk's photo.

When the 8 of us kids were upstairs or in the basement making too much noise my father would yell these words from the doorway. It’s actually a good question. Here’s some of it – – –

1) Amidst 10 year plans at break neck speed to begin hydro fracking in upstate NY, even to the point of million dollar land grabs by well know billionaires, Gov. Cuomo has banned fracking indefinitely. Why? We are told that it’s because the Mississippi basin has been thoroughly fracked. The USA now has enough gas and oil to last over 100 years. There is no shortage. Gas prices have fallen. AND we (not Russia) are now supplying Europe. So much for Putin’s need to hold on to the Ukrainian pipeline. Consequently, Russia has nothing to sell, and so comes massive starvation to that nation’s east.

2) Don’t fear war or invasion. Remember Reagan’s Star Wars Program? Insiders were aware that this was fully operational after 30 years and now the military confirms it on national TV. And we thought space missions like the Challenger were for scientific purposes… “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Right!

3) Hillary admits before Senate investigation committee that Osama and Al Qaeda were working for the USA to topple the USSR. Will we find out the same is true of ISIS 5 or 10 years from now? Stay tuned.

4) MEANWHILE, back at the ranch: Christians are slaughtered by the 100s daily, which now makes it the fastest growing religion on the planet, go figure! Let’s play Colosseum, but this time world wide.

5) USA commits to Molech and Baal worship as heroin now declared epidemic and abortion must be preformed in all hospitals that offer surgery or guess what, – you got it, “no government funding (like Medicare or Medicaid).”

It all sounds pretty messed up…
EXCEPT – GOOD NEWS: The latter rain is here! PRAISE JESUS! Now, like never before, jump into the river. Be saved, be healed, be filled with the Holy Ghost and Fire. Like Jesus who came to raise Lazarus, 4 days late but was right on time! He didn’t come for Lazarus. Lazarus was at peace. He came for Mary and Martha who didn’t get it – no faith, they didn’t really know Jesus. He was their friend, he had a healing ministry, but GOD?

Well jumping glory Hallelujah! “And the glory of the latter house will be greater than the former.” You thought the Book of Acts was good. Christian, you ain’t seen nothin yet. Fasten your seat belt. We’re ridding double barrel shotgun down the devils throat with Jesus in the lead. Get used to praying for the sick and watch the dead be raised.

Will someone please turn on the lights. WHY? So we can all see! This ain’t no magic show. “It’s all about Jesus.” It always was about Jesus and it always will be about Jesus!! We’re just bystanders with front row seats. Or, in other words, we’re what ya call witnesses.

You’re not gonna need binoculars, night vision or even 3D googles. JESUS IS COMING TO VISIT YOU.