Meeting of the Saints – 1/31/16


We are living in what are the greatest hours of all time. Unprecedented showers of blessing are being poured out upon hungry and starving believers who have for years waited for His presence to enrapture them. This is a season of great refreshing.

Think it not strange that you are meeting God’s people under very unusual circumstances and in places you would never expect. For so long and in so many different churches you longed for fellowship with believers of like precious faith. But you eventually left dissatisfied and unfulfilled. You came away feeling as though you were just playing church.

It is no coincidence that you are meeting other believers and being immediately conjoined in the spirit. And you and the other person know immediately that your meeting is by divine appointment. Just when you walk away and consider how pleasant that meeting was the Lord surprises you in a day or a week later with an encounter even better than the one before. Christians everywhere are meeting each other and fellowshipping with a joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Where and how do we meet? We meet at the grocery store. We meet at the post office. We meet at the bank. We meet at the restaurant. We meet in the office. We meet on a park bench. We meet in someone else’s living room. We meet on an airplane. At first you find yourself sitting there all alone, not feeling a part of what’s going on. And suddenly you recognize that other believer – radiant, glowing – with the presence of Jesus. You are drawn to each other like moths to the light. There’s not enough time to share everything that God has put on your heart.

The encounter may last for a few minutes, for a half an hour or for half a day. You can’t describe it to other people, other believers, unless the same thing is happening to them. And guess what? It’s happening – everywhere, all around the world. The more often it happens to you the more your heart burns and longs for our Blessed Savior.

No, its not just happening to you. No, you’re not going crazy just because you don’t identify strongly with an organized fellowship. It’s happening to you because this is the hour when He is drawing believers together to experience the spiritual unity that is found only in Christ Jesus.

From this empowerment, these encounters, you know He will be birthed in you in a new and greater way. So be thrilled and rejoice if you don’t feel comfortable or at home where you go to church. Rejoice if you are being conjoined to members in particular – every day – and unexpectedly. Behold, He is doing a marvelous thing in our sight.

Jerry Turk's photo.