A Higher Vision 02/04/16

Hannah sat next to the temple. The high priest supposed she was drunk and implored her to leave the temple stairs. Insisting, in her deep pain and tears, she begged, stating she was not drunk.  WE know the rest of the story.

But Hannah was a type and shadow of the Bride of Christ pleading to bring forth a man-child. Yes, it seems that people fight over what is ‘ the real’ fruit or gift of the spirit… Some even ask, “what (exactly) is my ministry?.What a small point compared to the individual who wholly/holy seeks intimacy with Jesus. No longer shall such a one wonder where their place in ministry is; rather this lovely soul has been called to administer Christ-with creative force to bring forth from that which is not; move mountains; wield the sword of the word; and walk upon the voice of many waters.

Look at Jesus, that your vision may be made much greater.

Jerry Turk's photo.