Wisdom and Revelation 4/8/17

One day, without so much as a warning, I received the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Him according to Ephesians 1:17. Now I had received Christ as Savior in childhood and at 18, I was baptized in the Holy Ghost. Thereafter, as far as I was concerned, there were no more comparable experiences. I simply needed to “run the race with patience looking unto Jesus…” Man, did I ever get the shock of my life.

I recall receiving this Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation after I had been fervently praying for a closer walk, greater intimacy, etc. But I didn’t expect a visitation that occured in an instant, one that would turn my evangelical/pentecostal theology upside down. Of course I shared my experience, but only those that received it by revelation understood. To all others I was a heretic. Later I discovered that this experience was well documented and that many had also recieved it just as I had.

First I read Watchman Nee’s “Sit, Walk, Stand.” Then “Spiritual Torrents” by Madame Guyon. Of course this was followed by many who were labeled cultists from the “Latter Rain Movement.” In fact, just as I had been physically escorted out of the Baptist church of my family because the preacher found out I spoke in tongues, I was also kicked out of the Assembly of God because they understood I had come into what they called “Sonship.” In fact, the Assemblies had even defrocked their Superintendent, Bill Britton after he published his now famous volume, “Christ the Pattern Son.”

Others I read included Hawtin and Warnock. I started going to Pinecrest Bible Training Center while Wade Taylor was alive and was greatly reaffirmed. I should also tell you that when I first heard of this as a strange new doctrine I outright rejected it as heretical. I never, in a million years would have expected a visitation from Christ that would so radically change, not just my Christian views but my relationship with Him as well. I only share some of these issues and my experience because awareness of Sonship is at the core of where Christ so challenged me and altered my thinking.

I can’t say if this is the theology of Joseph Prince, TD Jakes, Heidi Baker, Rick Joiner or Sid Roth. Some of what they preach makes me think they too have received the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. But I don’t follow TV ministries much anymore. At 62 I’m simply too busy with several hundred patients in a private practice and various clinics where I treat refugees or abused children. For an understanding about some aspects of what was revealed to me see my post entitled “Yet not I but Christ who lives in me.” In any event, perhaps you might be inclined to pray about it. Regardless of your thoughts about what I have shared, the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ be with you.

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