CLYIM “Show Me Your Glory” – 8/19/17

This evening we are broadcasting CLIYM’s Radio program, “Show Me Your Glory” for the first time here in Ghana! (7:30 pm Ghana time on J-Life)
We will be teaching from Ephesians one about “the Spirit of wisdom and revelation” that Paul prayed the Lord would give to the church of Ephesus. This church was filled with believers who were also baptized in the Spirit and yet Paul prayed ceaselessly that they might receive this impartation of the Spirit of God. Paul knew they needed more! 

I like how Ken Hagin called this “the Spirit of seeing and knowing”! To be those who long to see as Christ sees and to know as He knows is our prayer. This is truly the only way that we can be those who are led by the Spirit. If we cannot see what the Father is doing or or know what He He is saying or directing us to do, then we cannot and will not be LED BY HIS SPIRIT. Jesus demonstrated this walk for us. He plainly told his disciples that he did the works he saw the Father do and He spoke the words he heard his Father say.

If Jesus is the “firstborn among many brethren”, then we ought to press in for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation! Furthermore, how can we ever possibly press into the very fullness of His nature and the ultimate of what Christ has called us to unless we see and know what His great purpose and calling for us is.

Beloved your calling is more than being saved, getting your “fire insurance” and going to church. The word of God tells us that we have been called to the obtaining of glory. Christ, in all His beauty and splendor is this glory we are called to possess! Christ is all wisdom and all revelation! Let us apprehend and press into the greater things and the more excellent way that Jesus has provided for us!

Enter by faith. Become sons of God.