Jesus taught us to pray and within this instruction is laid out the mandate of God’s priorities for the church. “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed (Holy) be thy name…”

The first and foremost priority of the believer and follower of Jesus Christ is to elevate and exalt the Lord Jesus within their own heart. Connect intimately with Jesus. Never leave anything to chance. Intentionally seek after and adore the lover of your soul. And as you enter into the celestial realms of true worship, a prayer of the Holy Spirit will arise within: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done IN earth as it is in heaven.” In the economy of God’s Kingdom this is the second greatest desire of God’s own heart.
In the place of intimacy with Christ, God’s longing and passion flows from His heart to ours; that the will (determination) and essence of God’s Kingdom come IN earth. You are that earth!

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. IN earth. In the Kingdom of God… in Heaven, there is only One King and the will of King Jesus is utterly uncontested.

In the Kingdom of Heaven no one contends for supremacy.

There is one King and one will.

Jesus told us to pray that all the perfection, righteousness, peace and joy of God’s heavenly Kingdom would come in earth.

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done IN earth (just) as it is in Heaven.”
Notice the preposition “in” as opposed to “on”.

God will never be satisfied with superimposing His glorious Kingdom upon a corrupt, worldly, Earthly realm. He must first change the hearts and minds of those who dwell on Earth. His Kingdom characteristics must be formed within us. Those who were once subject to the rudiments of this world have been translated into the Kingdom of the son of God!

It is, of course, the will of God for His Kingdom to be supreme upon this planet Earth. But how is this to come about?

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is IN you!” His Kingdom is to manifest on this planet Earth through those who have surrendered to His will. God made mankind from the dust of the earth and so we are that earth that His Kingdom is to be formed in… to come in.

The making of God’s Kingdom within the earth that WE are begins with the dethroning of our own will. With our will we direct and control our lives. If we are to be disciples of Christ then we must acknowledge that there is a greater King; One whose ways are perfect and righteous and better than ours. Here is where we pick up our cross, or cross-out our will. Be precise. Be persistent and intentional about killing the will of your carnal man. Next, I must consistently give way to the supremacy of the will of the King until His will becomes my very own. In this way we become the extension and conduit of God’s kingdom, a living demonstration to the world around us. A witness of Heaven on planet earth. The world will not see God’s Kingdom except it first come in us.

“For the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.”