Blasphemy Against The HOLY GHOST – 3/3/17

John MacArthur and his cronies warn FB Christians almost continuously of so called “Pentecostal heretics” and “demon possessed Charismatics.”  Don’t be deceived Christian.  The greatest revival the world has ever known is happening right now, but NOT in America.  Why?  Because of “good old-fashioned-fundies” (Fundamental-Evangelicals) who refuse the Holy Ghost.

Not only do they reject the power of God for themselves, but they try with all their might to prevent others from receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Rest assured, they would have America go the way of Europe and eventually become a post Christian nation.  And while the enemy continues to kill, steal and destroy, these fundamentalists continue their rampage against those that preach the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

But despite their best efforts to kill this movement, America continues to send more missionaries around the world than any other country.  And guess what? Most of them are charismatic and speak in tongues.  Christian, wake up to the truth.  If you’re not filled with the Holy Ghost, seek Christ for the gift of His Spirit. Stop listening to those who would prevent and pervert the full gospel of Jesus Christ.  Remember, He promised you the Comforter.

Prophet’ Stands on John MacArthur’s Stage and Rebukes Him for his proclamation and position of for his cessationism.