Revelation 11 – 6/28/15

Interesting that Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah on the Mt of Transfiguration. Some have said Moses brought God’s people out of Egypt, while Elijah brought Egypt out of God’s people. Their ministries are reiterated in Revelation 11. Some think they will return. Not so.

He speaks of those of the temple, not the outer-court Christians. Measure them in the temple. Why? To see if they come to the measure of the stature of the fullness if Christ. Are they conformed to His image?

Ye are the Temple of the Holy Ghost. These are the 2 witnesses. Jesus said I bear witness of myself and my father in heaven bears witness of me. Two witnesses are you and Christ in you, fully formed. The world will try to silence your testimony with condemnation but Christ will resurrect and restore. Though fallen you will arise at His call. That’s when the enemy is truly terrified. You became a witness when baptized in the HG. In Rev 11 he gives power to those with power. A double portion.

At Pentecost we received “dunamos” or dynamite power. Rev 11 is a different kind of power. In the Greek it’s called exousia or authority power. Fire proceeds from your mouth and in this manner ememies are killed. God wants to use you and destroy the works of the devil. Submit to Jesus and cry out to be baptized in the Fire of the Holy Ghost. No more church game, just the reality of His presence.